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“Who Made The Potato Salad?” 

“Who Made The Potato Salad?” unfolds in a series of meaningful conversations backed by gut wrenching comedic jabs as the characters try to make their mark in the family. With it being centered around one brother, Willie O’Neil; he struggles to keep the family together since the death of his late mother, Evangelist Reverend Mother Deaconess Jackson.

It soon becomes evident to Willie, not only is it going to take a miracle to get everyone to agree to dinner but, it’s going to take a miracle for everyone not to try to kill his wife (Mildred) in the process.

While Willie and Mildred try to workout the details for Thanksgiving dinner, their 30 something son (who still lives at home by the way) gets a surprise guest before they all can say “Amen” after grace.

Starring Murray Duffey, Tanisha Banks, Skye Smith, Mike Butler, National Recording Artist Dondria Nicole, Ray Lavender, Joyce Littel, Jessica Dancy & Introducing Jay Watts & Esquire Jonez.

Written. Directed. Produced by Learical Jonez

November 17th, 2019
Riverside EpiCenter
135 Riverside Pkwy
Austell, GA 30168

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